1. Karrie
    November 9, 2014

    I was a strong supporter or GoPros, bought my parents one last year. I’m beginning to think that was a mistake after being told about the Reel camera. I am looking to buy my boyfriend a Reel Camera, but I’m comparing prices as well as what GoPro has offered due to their first mistake. I just want something quality and not extremely expensive. I’ve looked at the list of what each comes with, and which does not. The GoPro is a bit cheaper, and can get the add ons cheap online, but then I don’t know much about the Reel camera. If you can help me that would be great, I just need more information on it. He dirt bikes, snowmobiles, and would like it to be mounted on a gun someday for hunting, as well as I would! And are there any deals out there to get it any cheaper? Thank you

    • caleb1
      November 10, 2014

      Check out the Reel Vs. GoPro comparison. Both our great cameras. The HD Slayer is easier to use and comes with more features, mounts, and accessories. Shoot an email to with your questions.

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